Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance






In Trade Estates we set as driving principle the Transparent and Responsible Operation, aiming to increase the confidence of the investors, broadening the horizon for attracting investment funds and securing further value for our shareholders. We adopt the Principles of Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance, as institutionally are stipulated by:

Law 4706/2020 on corporate governance in conjunction with the provisions of Law 4548/2018 ("Reform of the Law of Sociétés Anonymes")

The decisions of the Capital Market Commission issued under the authority of Law 4706/2020 and

Self-regulatory principles, best practices and recommendations embodied in the Corporate Governance Code

We adopt the principles of Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance.

We shape the framework by which the Company is managed, operates and controlled. We thereby set the framework for fulfilling our obligations to our shareholders and to our stakeholders.

We ensure that the Company operates within the statutory framework set by laws, regulations and policies.


Board of Directors


Board of Directors focus is to ensure the long-term interest of the investors.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the administration and representation of the Company, the management of its property and the pursuit of the fulfillment of the corporate mission.

The Board of Directors of Trade Estates consists of seven members (three executive members, three independent non-executive members and one non-executive member).

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Board of Directors Committees


The Board of Directors is supported on its duties by the Audit Committee, the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and the Investment Committee

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